Spinlord YouTube channel

2015 we also started our own channel on YouTube.

Our partner Alexei Sypachevskii and his team from tt-maximum.com are running this channel and they are adding new videos every couple days.

Our videos are about:

  • There are videos about our rubbers and blades.
  • And there are videos where you can see the players from our table-tennis team "SpinLord Kharkov" playing.
  • There are also videos with other players we sponsor.
The best videos about products are our "mega-tests". These videos are about 10 minutes long. As we donīt always have the time to make such videos, we often also add short videos as "appetizers".
All videos are without speech and almost without text, so everybody can understand them, also all customers who donīt speak English.
If you like our videos, you can support us with subscribing to our channel, and giving our videos a "like". 

Please follow this link to get to our YouTube channel.