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SpinLord rubbers

SpinLord now has 21 rubbers ITTF approved.
The rubbers Gigant and Ozelot are not available yet. Both rubbers will not be ready for sales before 2018. Further informations about these rubbers are not possible yet. For all other rubbers you can find a description below.


Sold as Marder with a soft slow sponge, Marder II with a medium fast sponge, Marder III with a soft fast sponge and Marder IV with a medium hard very fast sponge.
All SpinLord Marder rubbers feature a slightly sticky and very elastic top-sheet.

Marder combines this top-sheet with a very slow soft sponge. Marder is superb for chopping and undercut defense. All strokes can be played with the highest possible rotation. Altogether Marder is a classical defense rubber which can also be played on faster blades.
Speed: 5 Spin: 10 Control: 10

Marder II:

Marder II combines the top-sheet of Marder with a medium soft high quality sponge "made in Japan". Marder II is the best choice for controlled attack with maximum spin values. Marder II is highly  elastic and plays similar to rubbers made in Japan or Germany. But in addition the sticky top-sheet gives the player more spin and control in all strokes.
Speed: 8.5 Spin: 10 Control: 9

Marder III:
Marder III combines the top-sheet of Marder with a very soft sponge with a built-in speed-gluing effect.
Marder III is slightly faster then Marder II and has been created for players that are seeking for a rubber with very high spin values, but find chinese rubbers to be to hard and not elastic enough. Marder III is best for european style of controlled attack with soft topspins.
Speed: 9 Spin: 10 Control: 8.5

Marder IV:
Our newest version of SpinLord Marder combines the unchanged Marder top-sheet with a completely new developed medium-hard sponge.
This sponge offers much more speed and built-in speed-gluing effect then previously used sponges. Marder IV is a truly powerful offensive rubber ! 
But in addition the Marder top-sheet gives this rubber more control and spin then you usually can expect from such a fast rubber. Marder IV is a deadly weapon for all players seeking the speed of German rubbers and the spin of tacky Chinese rubbers.
Marder IV is not ''factory-tuned'' which enables it to be also very durable.
So if you ask yourself ''Is another version of Marder really necessary?'', go on and try it, you will easily feel the extreme difference to previous versions.
SpinLord Marder IV is truly the future of table-tennis!
Speed: 11.5 Spin: 10 Control: 7.5

Marder available in: 1,0 / 1,2 / 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 mm
Marder II available in:  1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,1 mm

Marder III available in: 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,1  mm

Watch video with Nikolay Telnoy playing Marder II

Watch video about SpinLord Marder

Watch video about SpinLord Marder III


Sold as Adler with a soft slow sponge and Adler II with a medium soft allround sponge.


The top-sheet of Adler is non sticky, very elastic and very durable. Actually the quality is the same as the top-sheet of Tiger only the sponge is a rather slow and soft one made in China. Adler is the perfect all-around rubber for all players who want to combine maximum control and spin but don't want to play a sticky rubber. Adler is a very good rubber for the weaker backhand side. It is also a good choice for all youth players, beginners etc. if higher quality then usual is wanted.

Speed: 5.5 Spin: 8.5 Control: 10

Adler II:

The top-sheet is the same as used for Adler, only the sponge is a little bit faster.  Adler II is still a all-around rubber but a little bit better for attacking then Adler.

Speed: 6.5 Spin: 8.5 Control: 9.5

Available in: 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 mm (both versions)


SpinLord Tiger combines a high quality medium hard sponge ''made in Japan'' with a very elastic non sticky top-sheet. Tiger plays almost the same as many rubbers made in Germany and Japan without  any built-in speed-gluing effect.  In addition Tiger is more durable and has higher spin values. Tiger is very easy to control and will significantly reduce your own percentage of errors. With Tiger all strokes can be played easily, so it is a real all-around rubber with above average speed. This rubber can be used by players of all levels.
Speed: 8.5 Spin: 8.5 Control: 9

Available in: 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,1 mm

Watch video with Nikolay Telnoy playing SpinLord Tiger


Sold as Irbis with a soft fast sponge and Irbis II with a medium hard very fast sponge.


Irbis combines a medium-hard non sticky top-sheet with a soft sponge. This rubber is highly elastic and has a long ball contact time so it can create more spin compared to other non sticky rubbers. Although it is a very fast rubber Irbis is still easy to control. Irbis is not ''factory-tuned'' - instead the built-in speed-gluing effect is permanently integrated into the rubber.
We must admit that there are even faster rubbers on market - but our Irbis is more durable, lighter in weight and can be played both by professional and amateur players.

Speed: 10 Spin: 9 Control: 8

Irbis II:
Irbis II combines the unchanged top-sheet of Irbis with a in 2016 newly developed medium-hard sponge. This sponge offers extreme speed and in combination with the fast Irbis top-sheet the whole rubber has more then enough speed for a very aggressive style of playing. Fast and flat topspins, powerful shots, but also if necessary undercut balls and short blocks - everything is possible with Irbis II. Also Irbis II is not "factory-tuned" but instead the very strong built-in speed-gluing effect is permanently integrated into the rubber.
Drawback: Irbis II is heavier then Irbis.
Hint: The sponge of Irbis II is the same as the one used for Marder IV.
Please choose yourself: If your goal is ultimate spin combined with high speed, Marder IV will be your choice due to its more tacky top-sheet. If you are focused on the highest possible speed and fear Marder IV still might be to slow, but also want to have good spin and control,Irbis II will be your rubber.
Speed: 12 Spin: 9 Control: 7.5

Irbis and Irbis 2 are available in:  18 / 2,0 / 2,1 mm

Watch video about SpinLord Irbis

Watch video with Denis Kalachevkiy playing Irbis II

(short pimple)

Sold as Degu with a soft fast sponge and Degu II with a slower medium hard sponge.

This rubber combines very short, ribbed and conical shaped soft pimples with a soft and fast sponge. The SpinLord Degu is almost completely insensitive to incoming spin, but it can create much more spin compared to other pimple-out rubbers. So the main strength of this rubber is that it can also be used for topspins and chopping. In addition this rubber is highly elastic and has a very good built-in speed-gluing effect and therefore the resulting rather high speed that is ideal for controlled attacks. The SpinLord Degu is very easy to play and therefore also a good choice for all players who never have played a pimple-out rubber before.
Speed: 8.5 Spin: 9.5 Control: 9

Degu II:
Degu II combines the same top-sheet as Degu with a slower and harder sponge without any built-in speed-gluing effect. This makes the Degu II ideal for a defensive (in 1,0 mm) or  all-around (in 1,5 mm) game style. The short placement of blocked and return balls, and also undercut balls succeed effortlessly. Degu II is also more dangerous then Degu, but weaker in looping.
Speed: 7 Spin: 8.5 Control: 9

Degu available in: ox / 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 mm
Degu II available in: 1,0 / 1,5 / 1,8 mm

Watch video about SpinLord Degu

(short pimple)

Sold as Waran with a soft fast sponge and Waran II with a very fast medium hard sponge.

The top-sheet of Waran is hard. In addition, the conical shaped and ribbed pimples are very short. The sponge is soft (but a little bit harder compared to the sponge of Degu) and provides a very good built-in speed-gluing effect.
Waran is a very fast rubber and our recommendation for a direct offensive game at the table. In addition Waran is also very good for chopping. Undercut balls have an extremely low and dangerous trajectory. With 1,5 mm sponge this rubber can even be used for an undercut defense.
Like Degu Waran is very insensitive to incoming spin. When comparing Waran to Degu Waran is much better for fast attack, but Degu is superior for looping. Also Degu is a little bit easier to play although control of Waran is still high.

Waran II:
The short pips out rubber SpinLord Waran II combines the unchanged top-sheet of Waran with a very fast medium hard sponge (it is the sponge of Marder IV and Irbis II). Due to this newly developed sponge Waran II is much faster then Waran.
For skilled players playing with short pips out rubbers, hitting the ball is the easiest way to success. Waran II is not only the best available rubber for deadly shots, but it can support such players also with being very insensitive to incoming spin and a very flat ball trajectory. Of course with Waran II also playing with spin is possible and even passive strokes are no problem – but continuous attacking is the way to victory with this rubber.

Waran: Speed: 11 Spin: 8 Control: 8

Waran II: Speed: 12 Spin: 8 Control: 7.5

Waran is available in: ox / 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 mm
Waran II is available in: 2,0 mm

Watch video about SpinLord Waran

(long pimple)

SpinLord Zeigeist is the ideal long pimple out rubber for players who do not do much more then blocking directly at the table. The pimples of Zeitgeist are medium hard and have flat tops.
Zeitgeist is very easy to play, slow, and also very insensitive to incoming spin. All strokes played with Zeitgeist can be placed very short and flat. So Zeitgeist can be played similar to a frictionless long pimple rubber, but of course it is not so dangerous by far and also not as dangerous as fot example our SpinLord Dornenglanz.
Zeitgeist is the best choice for all players who are rather weak with their backhand, who don't move so much or who don't use their wrist very much when playing. Zeitgeist helps these players to keep in control of the game and wait for a chance to attack with the forehand.
Speed: 3.5  Control: 5
Deception: 9

Available only without sponge (ox)

(long pimple)

Our SpinLord Stachelfeuer is the best choice for all players who are looking for a long pimple rubber with the slowest possible speed. Stachelfeuer is one of the slowest rubbers available and much slower then our other long pimple rubbers. The pimples tops are flat. The pimples itself are rather soft and completely straight.
Stachelfeuer can be rated as a dangerous all-around rubber with very high control. This rubber allows all kinds of strokes. It is the best choice for all players who are focused on getting all balls back and play a versatile modern defense close to the table. Stachelfeuer is not so good for blocking as Zeitgeist or Dornenglanz, but it is also good for this and much better for chopping and attacking.

Please note Stachelfeuer is now also available with a fast 1,2 mm "High Tension" sponge. The low speed rating of 2,5 is only valid for the ox version, with this fast sponge Stachelfeuer is a very dangerous medium fast rubber.

Speed: 2.5  Control: 5.5 Deception: 9

Available in ox and 1,2 mm.

Watch video about Stachelfeuer (ox)

(long pimple)

The SpinLord Blitzschlag was our second long pimple rubber with slightly sticky pimple tops. The pimples are a little bit larger compared to those of Dornenglanz, and they are also softer and much more sturdy.
Blitzschlag is a very easy to play all-around long pimple rubber.
Compared to similar rubbers from other suppliers it is more dangerous due to the extra friction of the pimples. It is not as dangerous as Dornenglanz though and blocks and chop-blocks are very good but also a little bit weaker then with Dornenglanz. On the other hand undercut defense and attacking is better with Blitzschlag and this rubber is really much more durable.
Altogether Dornenglanz is rather a product for top players while Blitzschlag is a similar rubber that will be better for most average players.
Speed: 3.5  Control: 4.5
Deception: 9.5

Available only without sponge (ox)

Watch video with Denis Kalachevkiy playing Blitzschlag

(long pimple)

The pimples of Dornenglanz are very thin and have a completely straight form. The pimple tops are flat but slightly sticky (a feature that previously only pimple-inn rubbers had).
This invention of SpinLord makes Dornenglanz clearly superior to other long pimple out rubbers.
Dornenglanz is extremely dangerous specially for blocks and chop-blocks, with this rubber these strokes come extremly short and flat.
Also Dornenglanz is quite insensitive to incoming spin. All other strokes can also be played without problems (attacking is very ease and dangerous, undercut defense a little bit weaker).
This rubber is best when played close behind the table.
Control of this rubber can be rated as medium which is very good when thinking about how dangerous this rubber is.   Dornenglanz is almost the perfect long-pimple out rubber and has only one real week point: The durability of the pimples is slightly below average (but not poor). Dornenglanz has been one of the best selling long pimple rubbers worldwide the last years, and it is one of very few pimples that is good enough so it can also be played by top players.
Speed: 4.5  Control: 4
Deception: 10

Available only without sponge (ox)

Watch video with Gustav Ericson playing with Dornenglanz

(long pimple)

The Feuerstich is a very fast long pimple rubber. The pimples are rather wide, soft and have flat pimples tops. Also the pimples of Feuerstich are very elastic and not completely straight.
Feuerstich is the best rubber for all players who played short or medium pimple out rubbers before and are looking for a rubber that can be played similar but is more dangerous. The speed of Feuerstich in ox can be compared to the speed of medium pimple out rubbers in 1,0-1,5 mm.
Like Sternenfall Feuerstich is best for attacking but the ball trajectory is not so low and short. This rubber can also be used for chopping and blocking (also a kind of topspin is possible) but the more aggressive you play with Feuerstich, the more dangerous it is.
Speed: 5  Control: 5 Deception: 9

Available only without sponge (ox)

Watch video about Feuerstich

(long pimple)

Our SpinLord Sternenfall has straight pimples with a small slope at the bottom and ribbed pimple tops. It also features a completely novel medium-hard rubber mixture and a very large space between the pimples.
SpinLord Sternenfall is our best long pimple rubber for attacking. With this rubber you can attack almost every ball (also in ox version). But Sternenfall is in addition so versatile that it also effectively permits all other types of strokes. Blocking with Sternenfall is very easy and dangerous, chopping and undercut defense is also possible. Sternenfall is slightly slower then Dornenglanz, not as extremely dangerous but much easier to play. Compared with Agenda, it is better for playing close to the table but worse for chopping from behind.
The pimples of Sternenfall are very durable. We suggest Sternenfall for all all-arounders who make their most points with sudden attacks the opponent can't see coming. Sternenfall is best for players of medium and lower level.
Speed: 4  Control: 5
Deception: 9.5

Available in: ox / 1,0 mm

Watch video with player playing Sternenfall

(long pimple)

Like Sternenfall Agenda also has ribbed pimple tops, but they are much softer and completely straight. This makes Agenda much more dangerous specially for chopping and undercut defense. Hardly any other rubber is so effective for this style of playing, and in addition Agenda also has the advantage of still being very easy to control. Another main strength of Agenda is the very high flexibility that enables the player to change quickly between active and passive strokes. So also blocking, attacking and all other kinds of strokes are easy to play and dangerous for the opponent.
Altogether Agenda is the perfect all-around rubber for players who are focused on getting every ball back, but also are looking for a good disruptive effect.
Agenda is not so dangerous as Dornenglanz close to the table, so we suggest this rubber for players who can also use the main advantage in classical defense away from the table. Compared with Dornenglanz II Agenda is slower and much easier to play, while Dornenglanz II is more dangerous.
Agenda can be played by players of all levels. The pimples are very sturdy and durable.
Speed: 4  Control: 4.5 Deception: 9.5

Available in: ox / 1,0 mm

Watch video with player playing Agenda

(half long pimple)

SpinLord Keiler is a fast and dangerous pimple-out rubber. It combines a very soft top-sheet with a medium-hard sponge. Both sponge and top-sheet provide a good built-in speed-gluing effect.
Keiler has about the same speed as Waran, but it is softer and its conical shaped, ripped pimples are smaller and longer.
Keiler can be used both for attack and defense. Blocking, chopping, powerful shots – almost everything is possible with this rubber. This rubber combines the destructive effect of the most dangerous semi-long pimple-out rubbers with the speed of the fastest short pimple-out rubbers.
Keiler is also easy to play: Although it is fast and dangerous this rubber makes it possible to have extraordinary precision and control in all the players strokes.
Discover the new generation of pimple-out rubbers that makes your game more effective even with the new plastic balls!
Speed: 10.5 Spin: 9 Control: 7.5

Available in: ox / 1,2 / 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 mm

Watch video about Keiler

Dornenglanz II
(long pimple)

Our new rubber SpinLord Dornenglanz II is not just a new version of Dornenglanz. Although the pimples have almost the same size, Dornenglanz II is rather a completely new rubber. The pimples of Dornenglanz II are medium-hard and very elastic. Its pimples tops are also slightly shiny like those of Dornenglanz, but they have less friction.
Dornenglanz II is the first long pimple out rubber, that is very good for all kind of strokes, and still is very dangerous. Dornenglanz may be a little bit more dangerous for blocking, but Dornenglanz II is superior in every other way. Dornenglanz II is excellent for chopping and attacking and even for blocking it is almost as good as Dornenglanz. It is easy to control and all strokes played with this rubber have a very short and flat trajectory.
Dornenglanz II is perfect for skilled players who are looking for a rubber that is a little bit faster, harder and more dangerous then Agenda and Blitzschlag without being less versatile.
And not to forget, the pimples of Dornenglanz II are more durable then those of Dornenglanz.
Please note that Dornenglanz II is made with a very special rubber formula. It can't be prevented that after production some very small parts of resin remain to be between the pimples.
Speed: 4.5 Control: 4.5 Deception: 9.5

Available in: ox

Watch video about Dornenglanz II
(strange short pimple)

The SpinLord Gipfelsturm is a totally new kind of pimple-out rubber.
Although the ribbed pimples are longer then those of most long pimple-out rubbers, this rubber plays like a short pimple-out rubber with the advantage of being more dangerous. In addition Gipfelsturm can create more spin then previous pimple-out rubbers.
Gipfelsturm has a soft touch, although rubber and sponge actually are medium-hard. Therefore all strokes can be played with techniques similar to those usually used for pimple-inn rubbers, but the player still can take advantage of all benefits of pimple-out rubbers.
Gipfelsturm makes all this possible with its unique shape of the pimples. The pimples are not only very long (1,65 mm), but they are also very wide (1,98 mm at the top of the pimples)  and have a conical shape (so the pimples are even wider at the bottom). The space between the pimples is very small (slightly over 1,0 mm).
Like Keiler and other rubbers from SpinLord, SpinLord Gipfelsturm offers a strong built-in speed-gluing effect without any ''factory-tuning''. Gipfelsturm is much faster then ''Degu'', but a little bit slower then ''Waran'' and ''Keiler''.
Speed: 10 Spin: 9.5 Control: 8.5

Available in: ox / 1,2 / 1,5 / 1,8 mm

Watch video about Gipfelsturm


SpinLord Sandwind can be rated as a new kind of half-Anti. It can be played almost like a tacky inverted rubber, enabling very flat undercut balls and even topspins, but in addition it can deactivate with ease the spin applied by your opponent.
The speed of this rubber is very similar to that of SpinLord Marder, so Sandwind is a defensive rubber with enough speed  to also attack some balls. Actually the sponge of Sandwind is even the same one as that of Marder. That also means it is a slow sponge, but no dampening sponge. As a result Sandwind is slightly faster in comparison with most other Anti rubbers.
The top-sheet is much more elastic then usual, but it has been sanded to reduce the friction. Sandwind canīt be compared with frictionless Antis at all, it is a rubber for players who are having problems with their backhand and are looking for a solution that enables them to easily return every ball.
SpinLord Sandwind is ideal for weaker players, better players with a poor backhand and also for penholder players who only play with their backhand in emergency situations.

Speed: 5.5 Spin: 6 Control: 10

Available in: 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,0 mm

Watch video about Sandwind

(long pimple)

Our long pimple-out rubber SpinLord Strahlkraft is quite different from other rubbers.
A new Polymer has been added to the rubber compound which makes the rubber slower, more tacky, more elastic and even more dangerous.
Also the shape of the pimples is new. The pimples have a very large slope at the bottom, but otherwise are straight. The pimple tops are flat and slightly sticky.
Strahlkraft is our suggestion for advanced players who prefer a modern very versatile style of defending. This rubber can be played most effective close to the table, but you can do so much more with it then just blocking and chopping. Strahlkraft is not easy to control, but  it can create much more different kinds of rotation then other rubbers.
Strahlkraft will not only totally confuse your opponent, but also enables a spectacular new style of playing. The future of table-tennis begins now!

Speed: 3.5 Control: 4.5 Deception: 10

Available in: ox / 1,0 mm

Watch video about Strahlkraft


The SpinLord Tanuki is a „High-End“ table-tennis rubber completely „Made in Japan“. Not only does it offer the player the highest possible speed and build-in speed-gluing effect, but it can also produce very much spin due to the high tackiness and elasticity of the rubber compound.
Although the top-sheet is medium hard, due to the sponge our Tanuki is a rather soft rubber with a very long dwell time. This makes it so easy to control that it can also be played by average players. Please note: The sponge hardness is rated with 43 degrees, but the sponge is as soft as chinese sponges with 38 degrees hardness.
Our Tanuki is the ideal rubber for a modern offensive style of playing based on looping with both forehand and backhand.
The extreme high quality and durability make the Tanuki without doubt to one of the best table-tennis rubbers in the world.
All this is combined with a fair price which is only a little bit higher then for our SpinLord rubbers „made in China“.

Speed: 13 Spin: 9 Control: 8 

Available in 1,8 / 2,0 / 2,1 mm.

Tanuki is now in stock. We can start to sell this rubber to distributors beginning at 13.10.

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Here you can download high quality pictures of all our rubbers and blades plus our SpinLord logo for use in your website and print.